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Calling All Authors!

Everyone has a book in them! Isn't it time yours was read?

As Self Publishing Specialists We Can Turn Your Book Into A Reality

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Quite simply, it is a way of quickly and cheaply getting a book published without the need for a traditional publisher (publishing house). More and more authors are now choosing the self-publishing route over the traditional method.


Independent, or indie authors as they are known fall into this category. Self-publishing is the modern way of producing a book, and is the fastest growing part of the publishing sector. There are many advantages:

  • It is much quicker than traditional publishing

  • You keep more of the royalties from your sales

  • You do not have the worry of your manuscript being rejected

  • There are no editorial issues. It is your book, and you have total control

  • You have the rights to your book, not a publisher. After all you’ve written it, not the publisher.

  • Modern technology means that you do not need to have large numbers of copies of your book printed in one go. This way costs are kept down.

  • Your book doesn’t have to be a best seller – produce just a few copies for family and friends. Ideal for niche books such as local history, or war stories etc.

  • You have access to major online retailers such as Amazon and Barnes and Noble

  • You can easily produce an e-book (Kindle) version.

Can Anyone Become An Author?

The answer is yes, absolutely! There is no such thing as a typical author, it really is irrespective of age or background. We have helped people who left school at 14 with few or no qualifications, war veterans, retired police officers, artists, people who have overcome severe illness, as well as doctors, lawyers and teachers. Our youngest author is 10 years of age and our oldest is in their 80’s. Seeing your work as a finished book is one of the greatest senses of achievement you can have, and to be able to say, I wrote that  is virtually priceless.

Navigate the rest of the site to see if we can help you get your work published. If you prefer give us a call, we really would love to hear from you, discuss your requirements, and help guide you in the next step forward in getting your book published.

Here are just few of the genres we cover:


✓ Biographies

✓ Thrillers

✓ Crime stories

✓ Poetry books

✓ Children's books

✓ Novels

✓ Sci-fi/Fantasy 

✓ History books

✓ Second World War

✓ Self help books

✓ Textbooks

✓ Religious books

And many, many more!


Call now on 01745 832211

Why Write a Book In the First Place?

People write books for many reasons. A lot of the time, they do not actually set out to write a book, but a turn of events or fate plays a part. The 'triggers' are many:

  • Recalling their 'life history' and experiences for family and friends to cherish

  • As a cathartic process, or closure after a loss or severe illness

  • Showcasing their creative skills or artistic side such as books of photographs or drawings

  • Compose a children’s book based on stories they told their children

  • Impart their skills or knowledge onto other people in the form of manuals or textbooks

  • To start a career as a professional author

Our Facebook post highlights the book "Rachael - My Beautiful Daughter My Beautiful Friend" written by Amanda McConville, whose daughter was tragically killed in a road traffic incident. The book is about how Amanda has dealt with her grief. She hopes it will be of comfort to others facing the loss of a child.

I would like further information about your services:

What is Self Publishing?

And countless others.

Self Publishing Made Affordable

Our complete service is only £400 All of these features are included in the price. There are no hidden 'extras'.

 Manuscript formatted (includes any images)

 ISBN and barcode

 Full colour front and back cover designed

  Online sales via Amazon websites

 Available on Book depository and Barnes & Noble

 Featured on our Facebook and Twitter pages

Have a look at our printed book page for more details or complete the enquiry form.

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