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In a recent survey, 60 per cent of people said they would like to be an author

Well, you’ve done the hard part, writing your manuscript, but what now? How do you proceed further? Many authors find it difficult to actually get their work published, and into book shops and online. Because of this, more and more authors these days are going down the ‘self-publishing’ route rather than with a traditional book publisher.

This has the major advantage that you keep more of the royalties and are in total control of your work.

Our edit and design experts can help you with the self-publishing process. We specialise in helping authors self-publish their work, using what is known as ‘short print runs’ based on the tried and tested Print On Demand (POD) system. The advantages of POD are:

  • Order what you need, from a single copy to a thousand

  • The latest technology ensures a quality print copy

  • No need to carry any stock, you can sell your books online only if you wish

  • Any updates or amendments can be done quickly (usually within 48 hours) resulting in no wasted copies

  • Your book can easily be made available to all major online retailers such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble etc.

  • Fixed pricing enables you to budget more easily

Here is a small selection of the many books we have produced, which are available on Amazon. 

We do all the design and setting of your book including the design of the cover, repaginate your text so that it fits into the correct size of book, normally either a 6” x 9” or a 5” x 8” (other sizes are available). We also supply an ISBN number and barcode, both of which are essential if you sell our book through retailers.

The cost of this complete service is only £400 (€460) which includes a digital proof copy of your book (pdf), and any subsequent amendments. 

Copies of your book can then be ordered for you to sell yourself if you wish, or if you prefer, it can be made available for sale online through Amazon and other major Internet book sellers.

If you would like further information complete the form below. We will then contact you and let you know the best way to proceed.


If you prefer, you can call us to discuss your requirements on 01745 832211.  

Choose between a print copy, a Kindle, or both!

Someone could be enjoying your book very soon!

For details about our bespoke book cover design service click here

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