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Electronic Books (Kindle)

“Books are no more threatened by Kindle than stairs by elevators.”

Stephen Fry

In much the same way as Hoover and vacuum cleaners, where the brand becomes the product, Kindle has become synonymous with ebooks. As a self publishing author, electronic books or ebooks are the ideal complement to your printed book. Why? Because it gives you potentially an extra revenue stream. Many people may buy an ebook as opposed to a printed book. So it gives you 'two bites of the cherry'.


We can produce a Kindle version of your book either to complement your printed book or simply as a stand-alone version if you don’t want a print version.

If you have a conventional book, such as a novel with just text (no images) it is easy to produce a Kindle version. If however, your book contains images (photographs, diagrams etc.) it can be more difficult due to technical issues. We are able to produce an version which is a print replica, so whatever your style of book we can produce a quality Kindle for you.


If you just want a Kindle version of your 'book' the fee is £125. For further details give us call us on 01745 832211.

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